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As we’ve previously mentioned, staging is an integral part of the selling process. It helps you make a favorable impression on potential buyers and gives them an opportunity to imagine themselves in the space. However, there are a lot of ways that staging can go wrong so it’s important to bear in mind these simple… Read more »

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Welcome to another feature in our staging series, where we’ll be discussing the importance of curb appeal in the staging process. As you can imagine, staging just isn’t for the inside of the house, it’s for the outside of your home too. Sprucing up your exterior enhances curb appeal and is a powerful tool for… Read more »

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This last month, the Home Team has been exploring the many reasons why you would want to move to Greenville, SC. We’ve covered the many recreational aspects, from hiking to golfing, the convenient location and even the thriving arts scene. This week we’ll be focusing on the more practical aspects of living here – focusing… Read more »

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For our last two blog posts, we’ve been focusing on just a few of the things that make Greenville such an incredible city. We’ve covered everything from its convenient location to its nationally recognized downtown. This week we will be focusing on the city’s thriving arts scene, of which there is a lot to get… Read more »