As we’ve previously mentioned, staging is an integral part of the selling process. It helps you make a favorable impression on potential buyers and gives them an opportunity to imagine themselves in the space. However, there are a lot of ways that staging can go wrong so it’s important to bear in mind these simple dos and don’ts.

Staging Dos.

  • DO get organized. When you decide to sell your home, start mentally decluttering the space and getting rid of things you don’t need anymore.
  • DO keep things bright and clean.  The point is to create an environment that looks and feels like an inviting blank canvas. Clear away any personal belongings or memorabilia.
  • DO update your room treatments. Adding a new rug or curtains can instantly refresh a space.
  • DO hire a staging company or consult with your real estate agent about the process of staging. 95 percent of homes that are staged by professional home stagers sell, on average, in 35 days or less and for near the asking price – versus 140 days for non-staged homes, according to a study by the Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP), a national staging trade organization.

Staging Don’ts.

  • DON’T leave things broken that are easily fixed. Leaking taps and squeaky doorknobs don’t sell houses. Anything that can be fixed, should be.
  • DON’T decide to skimp on hiring a professional cleaner. While your cleaning abilities may be top notch, never underestimate the power of a professional deep clean. It helps add to the ‘blank canvas’ feeling of the space.
  • DON’T make any major renovations without consulting your realtor. While it might seem like adding expensive upgrades will help sell your home, you could actually end up losing money. Don’t remodel anything without talking to your realtor.
  • DON’T think of the house as yours anymore. This is definitely the hardest part, but when you're selling your home, you need to distance yourself from it.