The Swamp Rabbit Trail Extension May Increase the Value of Your Home

In 2019, the city of Greenville released its master plan to extend the Swamp Rabbit Trail. This plan intends to create more connectivity, synergy, and property value in the town. The Swamp Rabbit Trail extension is part of a much larger project to improve Greenville's city's safety and accessibility.

Below is a visual of what this overall plan will look like:

Mobility Framework for expasnion on Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville SC

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While these new changes are exciting, how does it affect Greenville citizens and what does it mean for homeowners and prospective buyers in the area? City planners estimate the whole of these changes will increase property values by a minimum of $1.5 billion.

Currently, the Swamp Rabbit Trail spans 22 miles. However, city planners aim to extend the trail to follow Laurens Road and continue northeast to Woods Crossing Road. With this extension, cyclists and pedestrians can safely connect to various businesses, neighborhoods, and more.

This is where property value comes in. With easier access to businesses and areas for neighborhoods to grow, any property along this trail will become more valuable, especially for families and new Greenville residents. City consultant Craig Lewis discussed the value of this plan with the Greenville News, saying, "This is all about moving people to the trail, moving people up and down the trail and getting people to the trail. This is all about how we leverage the investment that the community is making in this trail to create not just greater taxable value but a higher quality of life for everyone."

While these changes will take time to complete, Greenville plans to make these changes within ten years. For homeowners, sellers, and buyers, now are the perfect time to invest in a property along the Swamp Rabbit Trail. Greenville will always continue to expand and grow in the future, but the updated trail offers a great investment opportunity for the present.

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