Welcome to another feature in our staging series, where we’ll be discussing the importance of curb appeal in the staging process. As you can imagine, staging just isn’t for the inside of the house, it’s for the outside of your home too. Sprucing up your exterior enhances curb appeal and is a powerful tool for both attracting and motivating buyers to purchase your home.

What is Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is a popular term used by realtors to describe the state of your home’s exterior. The truth is, when it comes to selling houses – your buyer’s first impression is made at the front door. If your home’s exterior is shoddy, cluttered or dirty, you might lose the buyer before you’re even over the front door’s threshold.

5 Easy Tips for Staging For Streetview

  • Trim your overgrown bushes or trees. This can make your home appear larger to potential buyers, as well as improve lighting inside your rooms.
  • Paint and clean all gutters. Clean, freshly painted gutters can instantly brighten up your home’s exterior.
  • Create an outdoor living area. By simply adding a well-placed bench/ table to your yard during staging, you show your yard’s untapped potential for entertaining during the warmer months.
  • Replace any old house numbers with new and modern designs to add interest/drama, and paint the front door a cheerful, eye catching color.
  • Keep the path clear and free of clutter. Be sure to sweep your front entryway thoroughly and remove any debris, gardening tools, toys etcetera.
  • Consider outdoor/landscape lighting that highlights your front door and promotes a welcoming, warm atmosphere.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look into exterior staging. Next week, we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of interiors with a few helpful staging dos and don’t’s for your open house.  If you’re looking to sell your home, we’d be happy to be of service, just send us an email or give us a call.