Dangers of For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

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Thinking about selling your home without an agent? It is possible to have a positive experience selling your own home, but you should be aware of the difficulties and dangers before you take that path. Marketing Responsibilities (Danger: Little Exposure & Fewer Views) One of the most important elements of selling a home is exposure…. Read more »

Dangers of “Guaranteed Sale” Offers

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If you’ve seen real estate ads at all, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some crazy-good guarantees: “Home sold within 60 days, or I’ll buy it! “Your house sold in 90 days, or I’ll sell it for free!” The days and exact offers vary, but they boil down to a practice widely known as “Guaranteed… Read more »

Curb Appeal 101

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Welcome to another feature in our staging series, where we’ll be discussing the importance of curb appeal in the staging process. As you can imagine, staging just isn’t for the inside of the house, it’s for the outside of your home too. Sprucing up your exterior enhances curb appeal and is a powerful tool for… Read more »